ADT Monitored Wireless Security Systems

Since wireless alarm systems hit the market, homeowners everywhere have been rejoicing at the fact that they no longer have to worry about holes and wires filling the walls of their homes.

In the past, if you had an alarm system installed in your home, the installer would have to drill numerous holes in the walls and run the wires through your house. Wired security systems are extremely vulnerable because of this. If a smart burglar happens to be familiar with electricity, he could cut the electrical wires of your home security system. With a wireless system monitored by ADT, you would have a much better chance of protecting your home.

Benefits of Wireless Security Systems Monitored by ADT

One of the biggest benefits of wireless security is the added convenience. For homeowners who don’t want to commit their security equipment to one location, wireless cameras and motion sensors work incredibly well.

You can move your equipment from place to place in your home based on where you think your security needs to be focused.

Even more convenient is the ability to take wireless security systems with you. With traditionally wired security systems, moving means a lot of hassle or leaving your system behind. With so much work going into the installation, wired systems are practically made for each specific home.

But with wireless security systems, you can move cameras from one place to another, window sensors from the kitchen to the family room, and much more. And when you move, you can take your security system with you!

Perhaps the most convenient advantage of wireless systems is that they make moving a breeze. It’s easy to pack your system up with all the rest of your belongings and set it up again in your new home.

How does the wireless remote keychain work?

The key fob remote is conveniently sized to fit in the palm of your hand and designed as a keychain so it can always be in your possession. To use the remote, you simply hit a button that either activates or deactivates the system.

The remote keychain is incredibly useful in many different scenarios. If you realize that you’ve forgotten to arm your system, but you’re already in the car, you can easily do so with the press of a button.

Your key fob can also be used as a panic button in case of an emergency. You or a family member can use it to trigger your alarm should you ever feel the need to hide. This way, if an intruder ever enters your home while your system is disarmed, you still have a way to contact help from a safe place.

Expanding your ADT Monitored Security System

Another great advantage of wireless security systems is their ability to be expanded. Since wireless systems run off of batteries and signal to one another through the air, it’s relatively easy to buy more equipment to expand your system.

For instance, if you think that you need to add two cameras near a side door, you can simply purchase the cameras and link them to your control keypad.

Utilizing Wireless Technology for Surveillance

If you include the technology in your plan, wireless alarm systems also allow you to monitor the images that you surveillance cameras are capturing from afar. By logging into a secure portal, ADT monitored alarm systems let you see what’s going on in your home from almost anywhere.

This technology makes it easier for homeowners who go on a lot of vacations, leave kids at home, or have pets that they want to look after. Nothing could make you feel better than seeing that your home, your loved ones, and your valuable possessions are safe and sound.

With advanced systems, you can also use wireless and home automation technology to control the lights and temperature in your home. This can result in energy savings and a much more well-managed household. Put your home on a schedule and watch how much easier things become! You’ll always come home to a well-lit home set to the perfect temperature!

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