Tips for Securing Your Home While on Vacation

The average household embarks upon a vacation once or twice annually. Without a doubt, nothing is more relaxing than getting away from home. Stressful workweeks and other hassles in life often necessitate a break from time to time. Vacationing residents leave a property open to various security vulnerabilities, though. Unfortunately, thieves tend to seek out homes that appear empty for prolonged periods of time. Homeowners need to institute certain security measures to avoid this issue.

Tip 1: Free Security Solutions That Require Little Time

Before considering home security products, homeowners should turn to more simple measures. A stuffed mailbox is a telltale sign of residents being absent. Homeowners should ask a neighbor to collect their mail. Otherwise, they can request a hold at the post office. Similarly, it never hurts to leave a porch and backyard light on. Doing so can trick potential thieves into thinking someone’s home at all times. Neighbors should check on the property regularly, too.

Tip 2: Home Security Cameras and DVR Systems

Previously mentioned tactics are minimally effective in comparison to home security products. Therefore, a homeowner might consider outfitting their property with certain technologies. Home security cameras are a popular option these days. The best cameras utilize a DVR system to record activity inside and outside the property. Then again, fake cameras that are visible on the home’s exterior are effective deterrents. A handful of cameras can surround the perimeter of the home with relative ease.

Tip 3: Home Alarm Systems from Third-Party Security Companies

A security alarm might prove useful for some homeowners. In areas with higher crime rates, these systems are sometimes necessary. Home alarm systems will alert homeowners to all unauthorized access. Certain setups will contact the homeowner in the event of a breach. For vacationing residents, such a capability is incredibly useful if nobody else is home. Alarms come with different features and capabilities, though. Homeowners need to choose the setup that suits their needs best.

Tip 4: Always Protect a Home’s Windows

Windows are popular ports of entry for residential property thieves. Typically, windows are easy enough to pry open or smash. Most neighbors won’t even hear a sound in this case. A homeowner should consider installing alarms on the windows. When the window is lifted or broken, the alarm will emit an audible tone. Other homeowners might consider barring their windows to deny access through their windows. Both options are cost-effective measures for preventing unauthorized access.

Other Useful Tips

Other small actions and implementations can make the difference between a crime occurring and not occurring. For instance, all exterior doors should be outfitted with dead bolt locks. Picking or breaking these locks is fairly difficult for petty thieves. A homeowner might consider calling their local non-emergency services to check on the home every few days. Fortunately, even the smallest moves can help protect a property from thieves. Nothing should be considered too small here.

In the end, no homeowner assumes that they’ll never be the victims of a break-in. A large number of these individuals are shocked when they become victims. Homeowners need to implement security measures on their property while on vacation. Plus, they need to deter thieves by making them believe the home is well-secured and regularly checked upon. Nobody wants to end their vacation with a police report being filed after all.