How to Reduce Chances of a Break In

One of the best ways to reduce your home being broken into is by installing a new home automation system complete with a security system. That will give you maximum protection from theft and ensure your home and family do not become targets to home burglary. Here are just a few ways to reduce the chances that your home is involved in a break in.

The home automation and security system is going to be the most powerful way to protect your home and family. Because the entire system is automated, you can rest assured knowing that even if you forget to do something that the system will be armed and ready. These systems can be customized from basic to extremely advanced, and depending on your budget you can ensure that each area of your home is virtually impenetrable to thieves.

One thing you should get into the practice of doing is to lock all your windows when they are closed. This is usually the first point of access for many burglars because they know if a window is open, then if there is a security system is is currently turned off. The window is easy to enter because if it is unlocked, a screen can be cut with a razor and access is simple. Lock your windows to reduce the likelihood the home in entered by unwanted thieves.

If you think hiding a spare key in one of those rocks or under the door mat is a good idea, you should seriously consider trying something else. Many thieves know exactly what those rocks look like, and will find your spare key very quickly. Consider leaving the key with a neighbor or if you must hide it on your property, then place it far away from the home out in the open where no one will be looking for it.

The reason many thieves like to work at night is because they can easily hide in the shadows and get inside the home unannounced. When your home is dark at night, it is an open invitation to bad things happening. The easiest way to reduce the chances your home is chosen as a target is to simply light things up. Your porch lights and backyard lights should always be turned on after the sun goes down. These lights cost pennies to operate each night, and can often be a huge deterrent if anyone is thinking about breaking into your home.

The outside lights will definitely lessen the chances of your home being targeted, but to really help the cause you need to turn on the interior lighting too. The outside lights look less obvious when the inside lights are on too. The inside lights will have anyone guessing whether anyone is inside the house. If you do not have a home automation system already turning the lights on and off, consider those small light timers to turn certain lights on and off throughout the evening if you are not home.