Guarantees and Service Plans: What to Look for with Home Security

Home security does not always come easy, and before an individual decides to install a security system, there are a few things to do to determine the best security system. For example, they should do a safety audit for the home and property. This analyzes all possible points of entry for intruders. This includes doors, windows and skylights. Also, it will provide a person with further information such as where the criminal could be hiding. E.g. a thick canopy of trees or bushes. Certain landscaping will offer ample hiding places for intruders.

Deciding Between Wireless and Hardwire

When it comes to home security systems, there are mainly two types – hardwire and wireless. Hardwire systems have more complexity to them, and they involve cords and wires. Never attempt to install a hardwire system; this should be left to a professional. Wireless systems provide easier installation, and the majority of people can install it themselves. Wireless does not have cords draped throughout a home. The only real disadvantage of wireless is that the signals have sometimes been blocked or interfered with.

Always Get a Guarantee

Guarantees protect a loss of money from the investment. If a company does not give a guarantee, then it could indicate that they are not confident in the services provided.

Well-Known Security System Companies

When it comes to security system companies, it is often better to purchase from a well-known and reputable company. With safety, it is not something that an individual wants to leave to a lesser-known company because they do not know if they are good or not. The consequences can be tragic, and in some cases, the company has proven to be nothing more than criminals. The better known they are, the more chances that they have given good services, and a well-known company does not want to risk their reputation.


Motion sensors help to alert an individual to physical movement in the house or yard. If movement has been detected an alarm will sound and the police will be swiftly notified. The motion sensor should be careful positioned so that birds and pets do not trigger the alarm. Heat sensors can also be exceptionally useful. These detect a quick change in room temperature caused by intruders or a fire.

Video Surveillance

The advantage of surveillance is that it can be hidden or put into plain view. Most burglars want an easy target and do not want to risk being caught. Hidden cameras won’t scare them off, but it provides footage to the police in the event of a home invasion. Fake cameras put in plain sight can scare off a burglar.

The Lowest Hanging Fruit

In general, most criminals target the lowest hanging fruit. They are not looking to be caught, so they avoid houses that have alarms in place. When looking for a security system, people should look for one that makes it obvious that their home is protected.

The main point to keep in mind when looking at a security system company is what they provide the individual with. If what they provide does not match up to the price, then it would be a shrewd move to walk the other direction. Many companies offer this service, so a person should never settle for a less-than competent company.