Smart Shopping for Home Monitoring Services

There is a growing concern, with crime rate on the rise, for homeowners to secure their possessions and protect their families. More and more people are turning to home monitoring services to help secure their property. There are several factors to consider when looking into the market for the best service without it costing a tremendous amount of money. Today’s technology now offers the popular wireless systems and this is now available in alarm monitoring. People are opting to no longer have a land line in their house and strictly use mobile services. The wireless system will continue to work even if the phone wires are cut. The powerful batteries can last anywhere from three to five years and if the electricity does go off due to power outage or any other cause the system is still active and monitoring. Companies offering system monitoring will advertise based upon the land line rate. That is something to consider when comparing rates.

Questions to ask when comparing services:
• Is there 24 hours constant protection?
• What is the reputation of the company and how solid is the service?
• Is customer service available by phone, email or live chat through internet?
• Are there cellular and/or internet monitoring to stay connected?
• Does the company offer a mobile app to turn on/off lights, adjust thermostat and lock doors?
• Is there a contract? How long?

Proceed with caution on contract services. Most contracts involve small print that lock customers into terms, however do not necessarily lock in at any particular rates. Legalities of the contract can allow them to raise rates as they deem required. A three year contract does not protect the homeowner from increases or changes in services. They protect the monitoring company from loss of income due to cancellations of service by homeowners. That should also be considered when looking for the system. Homeowners can purchase and install their own system; however some services require that they install or that their equipment is used. Proprietary systems will not allow the homeowner switch providers, another way to secure customer loyalty even throughout price increases.

Things to consider when looking at Security Devices:
• Is fire, heat and smoke detection included?
• Is Carbon Dioxide monitored?
• Is there a motion detector to set off alarm?
• Are windows monitored for breakage?
• Are there surveillance cameras?
• Is medical alert an available option?

There are now refurbished systems available out there for purchase. This could be a money saving option. Then on any system, refurbished or new, check on the warranty. How long is it covered and against what? Systems and services are a big investment to protect loved ones and belongings. Asking questions and taking notes can prevent future heartaches. Peace of mind is more than knowing everything and everyone is safe and secure, it is also knowing that the services being paid for are in fact the services being received and avoid any speed bumps ahead. House break-in or fire emergencies are bad enough to handle without the frustration of having too little, too late.