Home Alarms: Not just for Home Intrusions

Most people invest in home alarm systems to protect their family from home intrusions and burglary and both are very good reason by themselves to purchase a system, however there are several ways a home security system can work for you other than just warding off invaders and notifying the police.
Most systems come with fire and smoke detection included that will set off the alarm and notify the local fire department. A fast notification is more likely to save your valuable positions and more important lives. Those same systems can monitor and detect carbon monoxide levels in your home as well. There are systems that along with placed flood sensors in various areas of your house can warn you of leaks, seepage of flooding form a broken pipes or backed up drains. This information can be transmitted to your smartphone or tablet so you are able to promptly take care of it. This can be considered most helpful when you are out of town. Instead of waiting days to come home to a flooded house, you can direct someone to take immediate action in stopping any further water damage.
Then there is the medical alert feature. The basic systems will have a panic button that can be used to have the monitoring company contact police and ambulance. You can ask about any upgrades that may preform two way conversation or remote panic buttons that can be used in the case of a medical emergency. This feature is best for the independent living of older individuals or those with medical conditions who want the peace of mind that help is readily available.

Advanced home security systems will come with video surveillance that will record activity to better assist the authorities. The video can be accessed from your TV or computer if you chose to use it to monitor your children sleeping while you are in the other room. The remote access will allow you to monitor your home from your tablet or smartphone. With this feature you can have real time access to check in on pets or children. Recorded video surveillance can give you the peace of mind when you find the culprit that made a mess of your back patio was simply a raccoon searching for food.

One step further, an upgraded system will allow you remote access to arm and disarm the system, adjust thermostats, control appliances and lights. A meeting at school or work runs later than you expected. This feature will allow you to turn on a light or two so you do not have to enter a dark house. You could actually set up the system to unlock/lock your doors. Mom is coming to visit and does not have a key; you will no longer have to leave one under the flower pot by the front door.
These are the features of a home security system:
• Fire
• Flood
• Odorless Gas
• Emergency Response
• Interactive Service/Remote Monitoring
• Home Automation
• Deterring Burglaries
• Insurance Discounts
The biggest value of all is the peace of mind that your home is secure or as in the case of the neighborhood raccoon, manageable.