Home Security Companies: The One That’s Right For You

There are plenty of home security companies that are vying for a spot in your home. After all, home security is a business that millions of Americans invest in each and every year. When choosing your home security company, it is important that you pick one that makes you feel like your safety is under control.

Your home security company should provide you with a system that protects you in more ways than one. Security systems like those from ADT can protect you from a multitude of troublesome situations. If you come across a company that only protects you in one way, it’s sure to pale in comparison to ADT monitored security systems. Need more information? Keep reading!

How ADT Monitored Security Can Protect You

Primarily, ADT monitored security systems keep you safe during break-ins and intrusions. As some of the scariest occurrences that can happen in your home, it’s not strange for you to want top-of-the-line protection from a burglary. Although you can never predict when a break-in will happen, you can protect your home with an armed security system.

ADT monitored alarms and security systems catch more than 50,000 crimes in progress every year. If someone does decide to unlawfully enter your home, ADT monitored security systems work fast to startle the intruder with the sound of your alarm and get the police dispatched to your home.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide

The safety of your family should always be at the forefront, but it’s never more critical to move fast than during fires and carbon monoxide leaks. Both instances only give you seconds to get you and your family to safety.

With heat sensors and carbon monoxide detectors, your ADT monitored home alarm system notifies you of temperatures that are too high and even the slightest detection of carbon monoxide.

Low Temperatures

Just like high temperatures are a concern, low temperatures should be avoided as well. For those who live in colder climates, it’s easy to know why. Temperatures that get too low can lead to frozen pipes and expensive maintenance costs.

If your heater breaks, or any other cold weather emergency happens, there are a number of home security companies that offer low temperature sensors. These sensors will notify you if the temperature of your home drops to a dangerous level.

Flood Sensors

Security system companies that offer low temperature sensors often have other types of sensors that might come in handy. For instance, some companies offer flood sensors. Flood sensors notify you if your basement or lower level accrues any standing water. These sensors are incredibly helpful in case your washer or hot water heater leaks as well.

What ADT Monitored Security Systems Do Better Than The Rest

Along with the equipment that you need to properly protect your home, you also want to find a home alarm system company that makes you feel good as a customer. No home security company does this better than ADT.

You want to experience peace of mind with your home security system. ADT monitored security systems and monitoring service keeps your home at top priority. You’ll receive the type of assistance that you need no matter the time of day or day of the week.

ADT keeps up with the competition when it comes to technology and equipment developments. Your security system shouldn’t be behind the times. The wide variety of security equipment offered by ADT I sure to include exactly what you need in a security system, including the latest technology.

Last but not least, you can never have enough customer service from your home security company. ADT monitored security systems sometimes require maintenance that you can’t and shouldn’t perform yourself. But don’t worry. ADT can easily send a professional technician to your home to keep things in tip top shape.

Home security companies can be lifesavers. Your new ADT monitored home security system will help you in more ways than you could ever imagine. Listen to trusted friends and family for the home security company that they trust the most. You’re sure to hear about ADT more than once!

Once you’ve settled on the ADT monitored security system that you want, enjoy! Your home will be safer and more secure than ever!