ADT Monitored Burglar Alarm Systems

With all of the security equipment options available, searching for burglar alarm systems can be exhausting. The home security market is saturated with companies that are trying to portray themselves as the authority in the industry. To help consumers sort through the information overload, here is a list of four things to consider when purchasing an alarm system.

Home Security System Considerations

1. Cost

Too many consumers are searching for the best deal, not the best provider. A cheap home security system might not offer the best protection. Why pay for a second-rate security system that isn’t going to effectively secure your home? Remember the saying: You get what you pay for.
ADT monitored burglar alarm systems are effective in catching and warding off intruders. With the help of a team of specially trained dispatchers and professional installers, there isn’t a single aspect of your ADT experience that isn’t top of the line.
Just like you would pay good money for the best cable packages or designer shoes, you also have to pay good money for good security. Luckily, the cost of and ADT monitored security system isn’t unattainable. You can have one in your home for just about a dollar a day. Compared to all of the more trivial things that you buy for the same price, it’s a deal that you can’t beat!

2. Equipment

Equipment is another important piece of the burglar alarm systems puzzle. The basic equipment package should include components such as:

  • Window Sensors
  • Door Sensors
  • Motion Detector
  • Control keypad

The above listed equipment should be included in any basic protection package. However, you can add additional equipment to better protect your house and those in it.
Without being fully aware of the different varieties of security equipment that you could have in your home, how will you make an informed decision about the type of security system that you want? It’s critical that you understand the ins and outs of your security equipment for several reasons.
Prior to confirming which ADT monitored security system you want, you should think about the areas of your home that you want to protect. ADT monitored security systems are standardly equipped expert technology, but some homeowners desire more protection than what comes with a basic packages.
Knowing which areas of your home that you want to enhance protection will make finding the perfect security system much easier.

3. Customer Service

Many alarm security companies say that they provide 24-hour customer service, but sometimes the reality is that they offer customer service only during business hours.
ADT monitored security systems are powered by an incredible team of professionals. No matter if you have questions during your installation, an ordinary day, or an emergency, there is an ADT representative ready to help you at all times.
When you call to learn more about your new security system, a security representative will give you a free consultation. This consultation will include a conversation about how much and what type of security that your feel as though your home needs.
Once that is decided, your trained technician will come to install your ADT monitored security system. Got questions? No problem! After it’s properly installed, your technician can walk you through exactly how to use your system on a day to day and emergency basis.

4. Guarantee

Any company that isn’t willing to offer you an extremely competitive guarantee on their service and equipment is probably not worth your time.
Every single ADT monitored security system comes with ADT’s Quality Service Plan. This plan ensures that your equipment will receive maintenance in the case of a malfunction. It’s guarantees like these that can help you identify a quality security company and make you feel good about the decision that you make.
Aside from guarantees, there are other benefits to having home alarm systems, such as discounts on your home insurance and an increased feeling of safety. In reality, there are very few downsides to having a security system. Most homeowners feel an overwhelming peace that they didn’t before.
Get the security system that you deserve today! ADT monitored burglar alarm systems can help keep you safe each and every single day.