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ADT Monitored Home Security in CA Gives You Peace of Mind

Millions of customers, mostly homeowners like you, choose ADT monitored home security to help secure the most valuable things in their lives. And while these are important benefits of ADT monitored home security systems, they are only the tangible ones.

Perhaps the biggest reason to choose ADT monitored home security in California is to get peace of mind. After all, knowing that your home, valuables and family are better protected can relieve you of an emotional burden. Peace of mind is also priceless, and affordable monthly monitoring rates will take some of the pressure off your family budget.

Find ADT Monitored Home Security in California!

Find out more about monitored home security in California today. Choose your city letter or city from the list below to get started:

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NaplesNas North IslandNashvilleNational City
Naval Base Ventura CountyNavarroNavelenciaNeedles
NeenachNelsonNestorNevada City
New AlmadenNew CuyamaNew IdriaNewark
Newberry SpgsNewberry SpringsNewbury ParkNewcastle
NewellNewhallNewmanNewport Beach
Newport CoastNewtownNewvilleNicasio
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North BloomfieldNorth ColumbiaNorth EdwardsNorth Fork
North HighlandsNorth HillsNorth HollywoodNorth Loma Linda
North Long BeachNorth Palm SpringsNorth RichmondNorth Sacramento
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NoyoNubieberNuevoNut Tree

ADT Monitored Home Security: Not Just a System, but 24/7 Coverage

ADT doesn't just provide monitored home security systems. It offers full-fledged home security solutions. And at the core of this solution is 24-hour remote monitoring of your home security system from a network of four interconnected customer monitoring centers. These monitoring centers spring into action as soon as your home security alarm goes off:

  1. ADT receives a signal when your home security system goes off.
  2. ADT contacts you to verify whether your alarm was accidentally set off, or if you actually need help.
  3. If you don't answer, or if you do answer and indicate that you need help, ADT dispatches your nearest law enforcement or emergency agency to assist you.

It's really that simple. ADT alerts you and neighbors of emergencies via a high-decibel siren and stands ready to contact emergency assistance when you're facing a security emergency.

Learn more about ADT monitored home security systems in cities from N Highlands to Nut Tree - call today.